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Yes, that's right. This is a friends only community.

If you would like to see all our witty and charming postings please join our community by clicking on "info" and then "join" community at the top of the page. Membership is open to all.

This is a mp3, manga, BL rotation community that Sara, Yuzu and I (Bonnie) have created so we can share our musics and other things amongst friends and the like.

Feel free to request anything! I don't believe that any of us have a functional playlist at this moment, but ask and we probably have it between us. In fact, if we don't, we just might go find if for you! As this gets going, we will hopefully get some playlists and such up for you, however daunting that task may be!

Thank you, possums.

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add meeeee!!!! araragwragh
Go to the info page and JOINNNNN the community, then. SILLY.
Oh my goodness!! i figured it out!!! i kept clicking the add friend button, instead of the "click here if you want to join" button


but yay it works now!!!!!

*kills bandwidth
dont question this, just add me...
*is venton*
would you mind adding me to the comunity? ^-^ i think it´s a good thing!
May I join?
Of course. Just click on the info and then "join".

Hum. I should really change this post. ^^;;;