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12Inch National is a community made for the purpose of sharing music. Music selection will vary from Jrock, to American punk, to Dutch lounge music, though the emphasis tends to be on music of Japanese origin.

Posting is closed to mods only, but please, feel free to request anything. (see "Request" section for more) If you encounter any problems concerning links, like something has expired, you can't use MegaUpload, etc, please let us know so we can work around it. Everyone should be able to get the goods!


This community is a friends only one. Meaning: You gotta be a friend if you want the goods.

Please leave a comment if you download something; we like to know how music is recieved and to know we're pleasing someone besides ourselves.


We love requests. It gives a sense of purpose and all, you know. Please leave any and all requests here.


wasabi rock!

Please email us if you want to be an affiliate. We can have a slumber party or something in celebration... Or not.


Obligatory disclaimer time: You must delete everything 24 hours after you download it.

If you LIKE and enjoy any of the music we put on this community, please, PLEASE look into purchasing the CD from CD Japan or any site of that nature.

Don't sue us. We're poor and we just want to share music with people.


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